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International Call Forwarding

You can now have your own, private toll free telephone number that automatically forwards calls to your telephone number located anywhere, worldwide. Follow Me International toll free numbers are available in these serviced countries .

This means that we can provide you with a country specific toll free number. For example, if you have callers in the UK , we can supply you with a " UK " toll free number. If your callers were in France , you could receive a France toll free number. Of course, if your callers are in the U.S. , you can order a U.S. toll free number.

»   Gain a business identity or presence without having a physical location in any of the serviced countries.

Example 1:

A cruise line based in Brazil publishes a U.S. toll free number as part of their advertising in the U.S. media. A cruise traveler located in the U.S. dials the toll free number and instantly connects to the cruise line offices located in Brazil .

Example 2:

A marketing company in the U.S. wants to make it easy for it's customers located in France to place orders for it's products. Customers in France dial a French toll free number and connect instantly to the U.S. office.

Clients and Associates Dial Tollfree To Reach
You in Any Country

Follow Me International is designed to allow businesses abroad to remove the communications barrier and become accessible to markets in the United States , Australia , Canada , Belgium , France , Hungary , Italy and Ireland , New Zealand and the United Kingdom . Your Follow Me Toll-Free Number can ring to any telephone, fax, modem, pager or voicemail number.

If your telephone line has a rollover sequence, the Toll-Free number will also rollover to any available line. If you do not have extra extensions, we can give you extra roll over lines on our switch. If you have call-forwarding already enabled, the Follow Me International number will also forward.

Follow Me International is an excellent way for international companies to increase sales while making themselves available to the world's biggest markets. Having a toll free number makes even the smallest offshore enterprise appear to be larger and more attractive to consumers.

Now businesses like specialty olive companies in Spain, mahogany artisans in Honduras or even caviar distributors in Murmansk can advertise a toll free number in the media in any of the countries serviced and make it easy for lucrative markets to respond and communicate.

If you need a method to provide easy communication with your customers, associates and family, Follow Me International is the solution.


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