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  High Speed, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

High Speed, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)


We provide high speed Internet access services to businesses with dedicated Internet connection to a Tier 1 IP network backbone such as Qwest, Verizon or Global Crossing. We deliver data to its destination securely, reliably and along the fastest route possible on one of the aforementioned carriers directly from customer premises. We also

Our Dedicated, High Speed Internet Access features the following:


  • High-speed access to the Internet, intranet and extranet sites
  • Guaranteed bandwidth to meet heavy data demands
  • Secure, managed, fully interoperable suite of global wide area networking (WAN) services.
  • IP solution focuses on customer specific business and application requirements.
  • IP solutions offering multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) with quality of service (QoS) features.
  • Qwest, Global Crossing or Verizon MPLS Private IP Network.
  • Flexible, anywhere access to converged MPLS network.
  • Network tuned to specific application priorities.


  • Reliability backed by industry-leading service level guarantees, including 100% availability SLA
  • Network design that maximizes redundancy with no single IP point of failure
  • 24x7 live support with world class customer care and continuous network monitoring


  • Includes pre-configured router, DNS registration and IP number allocation
  • Web Basics hosting package with email addresses, junk mail and virus filtering

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