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Job Title: Contract specialist

Position Summary: Nationwide Telecom hire for Los Angeles. Draft, negotiate & administer contracts.
Reqiurments: BA degree and 3 years experience.
post date: 02-01-2009
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Job Title:Web Programmer

Position Summary: Nationwide Telecom hire for Los Angeles. This job involves the daily creation of scripts, programs and interfaces. The applicant will also be required to look after our clients' databases.
Reqiurments: BA degree and 2 years experience.PHP programmer with all the relevant skills including an expert knowledge of PHP and MySQL. The job requires good web server knowledge and a good understanding of communication technologies such as TCP/IP, Proxies, FTP, Shell.
post date: 01-21-2009
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Job Title: Voice and Data Network Solution Designer

Position Summary: Nationwide Telecom hire for Los Angeles.Nationwide is looking for a solution designer who could gather business requirements and create technical solutions to meet those business requirements. Define and gain approval for corporate telephony and network projects: Work with suppliers to design and deliver solutions that are aligned to customer requirements and that realize the stated business benefits, within an overall IS strategic framework. Establish and maintain operational and service management processes with all the suppliers. In particular with: GNOC on LAN/WAN interface services; CSBU (OBS) on voice and data network services, authentication services, Company site-level contacts for local telephone services, 3rd party suppliers for audio and video conferencing, and telephone Calling Card services, and Telcos for PBX maintenance.

Master of Scinece in Computer Science and 1 year working experience.
Strong working technical knowledge of network, VoIP, and platform server systems
Working technical knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and standards.
Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills. Ability to present ideas and solutions in user-friendly language.
post date: 01-06-2010
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