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Canada UTEL Inc.  is a Canadian company with HQ office in North Vancouver, B.C. Our professional team average over 5 years of proven, highly specialized experience within the information (IT) and Telecom technology industries.

Canada UTEL,  supplies advanced telecommunications services that improve the operations and profitability of businesses and enrich the lives of the residential customers we serve.

Canada UTEL,  with its exceptional management, is able to operate significantly below cost of existing traditional long distance and local Telecom Service Providers. Thus, providing local and long distance services with more affordable rates and exceptional quality to our customers.

Canada UTEL,  has established it is proprietary network in order to provide highest quality telecom service to its valued customers and is now offering it is local and long distance services worldwide. Our company has also incorporated international branches in order to support different currencies for your convenience.

Canada UTEL,  is committed to providing customers with superior long distance and local service while providing the best savings possible.

    #101- 123 E. 15th St
    North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P7 (CANADA)
    Tel: +1-604-904-0203
    General Email:

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